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ImageI do not know if this counts for a book as such but one thing i am sure of,is the  priceless information this 56 page document has.

Many a times we plan to travel whether domestic or international but the challenges are never far apart. From knowing what to pack, how to pack, to carrying important documents such as passports,tickets,health certificates and knowing how we should  conduct ourselves at various points are all addressed.

It took me about half an hour to read through the whole book and  was glued to the end. Whether you are a business class or backpack traveler this book is for you.

Important tips on how to manage your way at the airports,luggage packing, toiletries ,you probably have had yours confiscated because you dint pack them properly or you failed to adhere to the required measurements.

Sitting options on the plane depending on your height ,preferences and if you haven’t had an opportunity to get on a plane the book actually recommends sites that will give you a feel of what the sitting arrangement is plus advise on where to sit if you are affected by the turbulence and why you shouldn’t sit at the last seat. I mean its near the washrooms and it probably doesn’t recline!

The importance of learning the basic language of the place you will be travelling to goes a long way in reducing your frustrations and showing courtesy to its people. A new place always poses the challenge of food and accommodation. Here you will find information on good and affordable restaurants to which you can grab a bite. And a place to lay your head after a long journey.

I like that they provide the CDC(Center for Disease Control) for you to confirm the vaccination and immunization requirements you need before travel or at least you are well aware of any outbreaks.

If you are in the category that likes smartphones then this is also a good opportunity to add some new applications to make your travelling as easy as the tap of a finger.

I am looking forward to travelling soon and this will be my travel manual for the next so long..I haven’t found information this comprehensive. Since i have left you guessing on some.

Grab yourself a copy its absolutely free…so you have no reason not to read it!



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