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How to Win at the Sport of Business

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Book Title: How to win at the sport of Business

Author:       Mark Cuban

Nationality: American

Publisher: Diversion Books

Pages:        116

Year of publication: 2013

Genre: Biography

The moment I started reading this book, I wanted to stop only when I was done. Perhaps the reason behind my need was because I am an avid follower of the TV series Shark Tank.

Mark starts us off by describing the kind of lifestyle he lived just like any other happy go lucky college guy until he starts looking for a job and he sees things from a different light. He began to pick lessons and changed from spending all the money he earned by drinking with friends to saving for something bigger. In every job he would justify whether he loved it or hated it, he was paid to learn and every experience would be of value when he figured out what he wanted to do when he grew up.

Thinking the Mark Cuban way:

  • We need jobs that pay bills
  • Make a list of all jobs you would love to do including the qualifications to give you a better understanding of the requirements
  • RTFM: Read the F** manual when its provided
  • Its always the smallest decisions that have the biggest impact
  • Everything in magazines, newspapers and journals is public, anyone can access the information yet, most people don’t bother
  • Most people will not put in the time to get a knowledge advantage
  • Money makes you extremely handsome!(I liked this one)
  • No product is perfect and if there are good competitors in your market, they will figure out how to abuse you.
  • It is always important to be honest with yourself that way you anticipate where the problems will come from
  • Always run your business like you are competing with the biggest companies in  your industry
  • The sport of business is 7x24x365 forever
  • Effort is measured by setting goals and getting results
  • Learn and learn some more! Finance, accounting and read biographies
  • Once you have learnt how to learn, then you can try as many things as you can.
  • The greatest obstacle to destiny is debt, both personal and financial
  • Never settle, there is no reason to rush; if you aren’t happy with where you are ,simplify your life and go out ,try as many things as it takes to find out what you are destined to be.
  • Focus and intensity can be virtues and conduits to success
  • Win the battles you are in before you take on new ones
  • The worst evaluator of talent is a player  trying to evaluate himself
  • Do the things you are good at and delegate the rest
  • Always remember there are rules in the companies that excel
  • Sweat equity is the best start up capital i.e.  the best businesses in recent entrepreneurial history are those that began with little or no money
  • Develop the habit of creating a spreadsheet of all your expenses
  • Learn to hire the people in whom you can build trust and let them take the ball and run with it.
  • Treat your customers like they own you because they do
  • YAHOO: You Always Have Other Options
  • Happy customers might tell one person and unhappy ones might tell 20!
  • Whining is the first step towards change
  • Make your product  easier to buy than your competition
  • Everyone follows the path of least resistance
  • The best way to predict the future is by inventing it.

Memorable  Quote: “What makes a good salesperson? Let me be clear that it’s not the person who can talk someone into anything. It’s not the hustler who is a smooth talker. The best salespeople are the ones who put themselves in their customer’s shoes and provide a solution that makes the customer happy.”

If you are looking for good advise from a self made millionaire , this is a great read.




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