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A little about Me…

Hello and welcome to my page.

A little about me: my friends call me Nell. I am thirty something-ish old,East & West African, have a day career that is very involving but love it. I am  artistic, a crotchet queen,play the violin,lover of  the outdoors,photography and travel. At the top of the list is reading…

I have gradually grown into the addiction of sharing my thoughts and lessons on books I read. This blog is purely dedicated to the various genres of books my eyes journey on.

The purpose of my  blog is to promote a positive habit of reading  for all age groups possible.I generally read from all kinds of authors and publishers/publishing houses. I judge and write my reviews based on personally reading the book or article.

Each read is of great importance and well written grammar keeps me glued  and interested.

I purchase most of my books or download them online ,however from time to time a few authors send their copies for review. I write about books because i have access to so many of them. I am committed to posting at least two to three times a month when my schedule allows.

I purpose to review every book that i finish. I generally decide what to read and when to read it.In addition, I prefer books that have a story line that builds consistently rather than ones that are too slow,hence if I get to the point where I am struggling, the book automatically gets shelved.

Reading is a powerful habit.By blogging,it allows  me to introduce books  and authors to upcoming and  existing readers.

Blogging is also a great way of tracking what I read and connect with other readers.

After every review, a personal opinion or lesson picked from the book will be given and perhaps a recommendation. While each reader is entitled to their opinion, I will endeavor to remain as objective as possible.

My aim is to encourage  continuous and lifelong reading habits to all.

Join me as we get lost in a good story…..



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